4 Lemon-Based Beauty Recipe You Should Make Now!

I’m not a big fan of commercially produced beauty products due to my extremely sensitive skin. Hence, I’m always on the lookout for all-natural beauty recipes. Imagine my amazement at knowing lemons are an all-rounder ingredient for many homemade beauty recipes!

Homemade Face Mask

Long hours of working make our skin duller and increases acne and freckles. Create a homemade face mask with this recipe now!

  1. Honey
  2. Lemon Juice

Mix the ingredients evenly before applying on face. Keep the mixture on for 20 minutes before washing off. Apply this homemade face mask regularly and you can see your skin improving!

Inspiration from urbanbushbabes

Homemade Hair Conditioner

My hair becomes very dry and frizzles out whenever the weather gets humid. But I quickly realize that you can solve this quickly with this hack – Squeeze some lemon juices on a comb and comb your hair under the sun. After 20 minutes, your hair would become soft and shiny.

Inspiration from standardmedia

Body Odour Remover

Hot weather makes us sweat a lot. For people with smelly armpits, you can apply lemon juice on the armpit before wiping dry. The smell should be much reduced.

Inspiration from thompsontee

Dandruff Be Gone

Want a natural dandruff remover? Follow the below steps now!

  1. Put lemon slices, green tea bag, and water to boil.
  2. After the mixture has cooled, use the water to massage your scalps.
  3. Wash off after 10 minutes.

Do this regularly to see your dandruff be gone!

Inspiration from smartgirls

Hope you enjoy these recipes and do share with us if you have other homemade recipes using lemons!

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