Life Hacks You Need Right Now To Live Smarter #1

  • Stick a bread tab to the start of the tape to ensure you can always find the opening
  • To retain your wrapping paper shape and prevent it from unrolling when storing, cut open toilet paper rolls to use as a cuff
  • Hold a nail with a clothes peg, instead of your fingers, when hammering to avoid the danger of hitting your fingers
  • To open tight knots of a plastic bag, twist the loose end as much as possible and push
  • Convert a egg carton to a ring holder to find your ring easily
  • Convert your baby crib to a study table once they grow out of it
  • Stuff a pool noodle at the bed to prevent your kids from rolling over
  • To prevent your bread from being squashed while cutting, turn the bread upside down and cut from the soft side
  • Stick the old leftover soap to a new soap to continue using it
  • Clean hazy car headlights with toothpaste to clear them up
  • Tie a bag of vinegar around a shower head, and leave it overnight to clean the built up residue off the shower head
  • To strengthen WiFi signal, cut open a beer can and wrap it around a router antenna

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