Manhattan Fish Market Part 3

Not sure if i’m a bit lag, but i realize that Manhattan Fish Market got new menu again.

Poached cheesy dory(S$15.95). Boiled broccoli and carrots with poached dory, drizzled with cheese sauce, and garnished with sautéed mushroom. Thumbs up for the soft soft dory, and juicy mushroom. But the sauce needs to have some improvement. It’s pretty cheezy, but slightly too diluted. Especially when the dory is juicy on it’s own, it makes it even harder to put some sauce onto the fish as it will keep drizzling down.

The vegetable is absolute awful. Tasteless and hard. I couldn’t even bite into the carrot. 🙁Mahatthan Fish @ Jurong Point (2)Mediterranean Baked Fish(S$15.95). Marinated baked fish with some seasoned rice and vegetables. I really love the rice as it is very soft. And the fish is really marinated very well with all those spices, which makes it slightly salty and a perfect match with the rice.

Mahatthan Fish @ Jurong Point (1)I just love how Manhattan Fish Market always come out with new menus all the time. 🙂

Do read my earlier post on Manhattan Fish Market(Part 2) to know more about my review on them. 😀

Restaurant Website:



1. Bedok Point
2. Causeway Point
3.Changi City Point
4. City Square Mall
5. Bugis+
6. Junction 8
7. Marina Square
8. Northpoint
9. Plaza Singapura
10. White Sands
12. United Square
13. The Star Vista
14. Century Square
15. Suntec City
16. Hougang Mall


Bedok Point – 6449 1636
Causeway Point – 6894 1500
Changi City Point – 6636 1566
City Square Mall – 6509 6309
Bugis+ – 6884 9567
Junction 8 – 6352 4034
Marina Square – 6338 8116
Northpoint – 6257 5507
Plaza Singapura – 6835 9300
White Sands – 6585 6455
JCUBE – 6684 4208
United Square – 6352 6008
The Star Vista – 6694 3548
Century Square – 6782 9983
Suntec City – 6837 1568
Hougang Mall – 6386 0114

Nearest MRT Station: (Almost)Everywhere 0.o

Operating Hours:

Daily: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm


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