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Medz is a mediterranean-style restaurant with a card-paying concept similar to Marche.

Plain rosti(S$5.90). Simply said, they’re basically shredded potato pieces, and pan-fried to crispiness. They were supposed to come with sour cream, but i usually ask not to add it as it taste a bit weird to my liking. >< Anyway, unlike other people, I actually prefer Medz’s rosti as compared to Marche’s rosti. I fond Marche’s rosti too soft and mushy, while Medz’s rosti is crispy on the outside and firm on the inside. Additionally, i think Medz did a better job in seasoning their rosti as Marche’s rosti can be sometimes, almost tasteless.Medz (1)Molten chocolate cake with cream(S$6.90). Whee~~~!!! I love molten chocolate cake. Especially when i open out the cake and see the flowing chocolate. Medz’s chocolate cake is soft and rich in chocolate, that keeps me wanting for more. 🙂

Medz (2)Waffle with double scoop ice-cream(chocolate, vanilla)(S$10.90). Their waffle is pretty crispy, but i think that the waffle taste can be slightly improved. I find it slightly too starchy and more butter could be added. But their ice-cream is very creamy and sticky. Me love~!!

Medz (4)Medz is having some lunch promotion now if i’m not wrong, and i’ll definitely visit again!

Restaurant Website: 



Orchard Central,

181 Orchard Road, #B2-01

Singapore 238896

Phone: 62389028

Nearest MRT Station: Somerset

Operating Hours:

Daily: 11.00am – 11.00pm


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