Quick Food Hacks that Make Your Life Easier

Life is tough. But you can make life easier with the below food hacks. No more fretting over the small stuff.

Speed chill your drinks

Craving for a cold drink? Simply wet a tissue, wrap it around your drink bottle and place the drink in the fridge. After 15 minutes in the fridge, you will be amazed at how quickly the drink chills.

inspiration from lifehacker

Prevent water from boiling out of pot

Eyes on pot is troublesome. To prevent water from boiling our of your pot while you aren’t looking, just place a wooden spoon on top of the pot. The water will simmer down upon hitting the wooden spoon. 

inspiration from drugstoredivas

Instant food bowl for movie nights

Wanna eat snacks but yet don’t wanna get a bowl or get your hands dirty by reaching inside the bag? Follow the above steps to create an instant snack bowl.

inspiration from lifehacker

The hole on your pot handle

Ever wonder what is the hole on your pot handle used for? Of course its a spoon holder! Now you don’t need an extra bowl to hold your spoon while you cook.

inspiration from terrific-top10

Banana, top peel or bottom peel

Monkey see monkey do. Did you know monkey peel banana from the bottom? Why? Simply because banana skin are hard to peel from the top due to its hard stem.

inspiration from slate

Storing peanut butter upside down

Natural peanut butter comes with a layer of oil at the top. To mix the oil back to the peanut butter naturally, simply store them upside down.

inspiration from bustle

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