9 Rose Gold Wedding Reception Table Decorations For Your Glamorous Blush Pink Wedding

Wedding reception table are the first impression your wedding guests made of your wedding. They are used to showcase teasers of you and your partner and as talking points for your wedding guests. In addition, wedding receptions need to be in sync with your wedding theme, yet looks romantic and loving.

Cue the importance of getting the right wedding reception table decorations. Below, you can find 9 very beautiful wedding reception table decorations if you are eyeing for a rose gold or blush pink wedding vibes.


Rose Gold Foil Card Box

Having a perfect gift box is part of the key to a perfect wedding reception table. This rose gold foil card box by Merry Expressions do just the job. They are easy to assemble, and holds up well after. They are also large enough to hold hundreds of gift cards of all sizes, yet have a subtle opening to avoid spillage.


Wedding Guest Book with Rose Gold Pen

Guest book is one of the mementos from your wedding that you will keep for life. As you look back at one of the milestones in life, the well wishes from your guests are one of the things that you want to keep re-reading. This wedding guest book is elegant to fit into any wedding reception, and everlasting to keep it for years to come as you reminisce your big day.


Rose Gold Wedding Advice Cards

Another great memento to keep from your wedding are advice cards. They are usually use to write well wishes from your guests, or life tidbits and advices from your love ones who only want the best for you. They are printed on a thick cardstock, which makes it easy for your guests to write on, and easy to safe-keep for future.


Rose Gold Votive Candle Holders

This rose gold candle holders are perfect to use as part of the centrepiece decorations for your wedding reception table. Coming in a set of 12, they are made of mercury glass, and comes with starlight embellishments that will make the light emitting softer and more elegant. They are one of the best decorations to give the wedding reception table a more romantic vibes.


Rose Gold Photo Frames

Time for the main show – beautiful photos of you and your partner. Showcasing beautiful, loving photos of the couple is probably the most important element of the wedding reception table as everyone wants to see you together. These rose gold photo frames are elegant, subtle, and are meant to elevate the beauty of your wedding photos without pulling focus.


Rose Gold Light Box

Light boxes are getting popular over the years, and we are seeing them pop up on wedding reception tables as one of the decorations. They are great to write cheesy messages or put out official titles for the happy couple, or simply to display tags for social media. Light boxes are also great to provide some dim light that elevates the atmosphere without pulling focus.


Decorative Letters In Rose Gold Glitter

Decorative letters are great decorations to a wedding reception table. This decorative letters from senover are nicely decorated in rose gold glitter that are stylish without being overtly trying, and are easy to stand on giving its thick base and large size. They are also great to keep for decorations for your apartment after the wedding.


Rose Gold Metal Gift Card Holder

This rose gold metal gift card holder is elegant and sophisticated with the iron wiring and shiny rose gold plating. It can be used either as a gift card holder or to modify into other form of decoration for your wedding reception table. They are pretty large in size, are great for hundreds of gift cards and are easy to close and open to place the gift cards in.


Rose Gold Flameless Lanterns with Fairy Lights

Who doesn’t love fairy lights in weddings? These beautiful rose gold flameless lanterns with fairy lights are perfect additions to any centrepieces of wedding reception tables to give off a lovely glow that are intimate and lovely. They are absolutely gorgeous and are battery powered, so they can be placed anywhere.

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