13 Amazing Faux Marbles DIYs that Instantly Refreshes your House

When you can’t go real marble, faux marble is the perfect substitute to refresh your home. Faux marble contact paper is easy to apply and looks just like the real stuff. It also won’t burn a huge hole in your pocket and you can easily replace the design after a couple of years.

Hurry up and elevate your home interiors with these amazing faux marble DIYs now!

1. DIY Faux Marble Table

Give your entryway a makeover with this DIY faux marble table.

inspiration from sylandsam

2. Gold and Marble Shelves

Shelves don’t look boring anymore with this gold spray + marble contact paper hack.

inspiration from blondebossbabe

3. DIY Marble Makeup Brush Holder

Makeup brushes are so important to ladies. Pamper them by placing them in a faux marble brush holder

inspiration from helloislandmama

4. DIY Marble Clock

Reading the time have never been so classy with this DIY marble clock

inspiration from puresweetjoy

5. DIY Faux Marble Countertops

Remodelling an old kitchen doesn’t have to burn a huge hole with faux marble contact paper

inspiration from brightgreendoor

6. DIY Marble Succulents Planters

Succulents goes really well with faux marble pots. Perfect to place in home offices and bathroom

inspiration from fallfordiy

7. DIY Faux Marble Lamp

Dont be a fool and spend $200 on a marble lamp when you can DIY and get it for one-tenth of the price

inspiration from homeohmy

8. DIY Marble Copper Stationary

Marble goes well with copper too and you can finish this DIY easily for your stationary geeks friends!

inspiration from The Lovely Drawer

9. DIY Faux Marble Bed Tray

Surprise your loved ones by serving them breakfast on this glamorous faux marble bed tray!

inspiration from Lavaca

10. Marble and Gold Bar Cart

Update your mundane bar cart into a polished marble and gold bar cart with this amazing DIY!

inspiration from The Bellevie Blog

11. DIY wood and Marble Coasters

Raw elements such as wood goes amazingly well with faux marble. See it to believe with this DIY coasters!

inspiration from Little House of Four

12. DIY Marble Desk Magazine Holder

Convert a cereal box holder to a magazine holder quickly with this DIY!

inspiration from eHow

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