8 Amazing Uses of Lemon Around the House You Never Knew Of

Lemon is known in the beauty industry to be a natural beauty ingredient. However, do you know that lemon are also very handy around the house?

Insect Repellent

Lemon are very good natural insect repellent. You can simply squeeze some fresh lemon juice into a sprayer and spray it over your hands and legs to prevent mosquito from biting you. If you are already bitten, you can also smear some lemon juice over the bites to kill germs and reduce itch.

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Microwave Cleaner

Quick hack to clean your microwave. Simply place lemon slices into a glass of water and put it to boil in the microwave for 10 minutes. Let the mixture sit for 10 minutes to allow for the steam to clean the interior of the microwave. Now, you can easily wipe the dirt away.

inspiration from lifehacker

Prevent Oxidation of Fruits

To prevent your fruits such as apple from turning yellow after slicing them, you can simply place them in a lemon + water mixture.

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Rust Removal

Steel items such as knifes turns rusty after long period of usage. To remove the rust, you can submerge the blade into lemon juice before wiping clean. The rust should be easily removed now!

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Oil Stain Removal on Clothes

Oil stains on clothes are hard to remove. Even after washing with washing powder, sometimes, you can still feel the greasiness on it. To quickly remove these oil stain, mix lemon juice with tartar powder and rub it on the oil stain. After letting sit for 30 minutes, the stains will be easily removed.

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Seafood Smell Remover

After peeling seafood such as prawn, there is a fishy smell that follows even after washing with soap. You can remove this smell quickly by washing your hands in a lemon slices + water mixture.

inspiration from lifehacker

Homemade Bathroom Freshener

You can create a bathroom freshener easily with this simple steps!

  1. Half 3 lemons and put to boil with some vanilla essence, rosemary and water.
  2. After the water have evaporated, pour the mixture into a container and place it in your bathroom.

Voila! Bathroom odour be gone!

inspiration from viralnova

Hard Water Stain Removal

Lemon are very good hard water stain remover. To remove the stains, half a lemon and rub over the area. Wipe the area clean with a cloth and you should see the stain removed!

inspiration from lifehacker

Isn’t lemon so amazing? Who knows that it can remove so much of the stubborn stains that we encounter on a daily basis. Share with us in the comments if you know of more lemon uses around the house!

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