Should You Move Out of Your Parents House?

In Asian countries, It is usually common for children to stay in their parents house before they get married and moved out to stay with their spouse. It is also not unusual for children to continue staying in their parents house after getting married or having kids as the parents can chip in to help with the chores or babysitting duties. Should I then move out of the house, if I’m comfortable with this lifestyle?

Learning to be an adult

As parents, their nature is to nurture you and take care of you in every aspect of your life. That would usually extend to taking care of your daily needs. Do you have food ready for you when you end work? Do you always have clean shirt to wear and dust-free room to sleep in without lifting a finger? If so, are you able to perform these basic household chores by yourself? If you are not able to do these simple chores my friend, it could be time for you to step out of your comfort zone and learn how to take care of yourself.

Privacy and independence

Sometimes, staying in your parents house means there is lesser privacy to do the things you desire, and risk getting judged for every decision you make. Examples being – nagged for staying out late, or eating a cake on your own. Your parents love you, but they may not always understand that you have grown up and need space. Sometimes, a little distance could make your relationship better.

Financial decisions

Moving out will definitely set you back in terms of finances as renting/bills/daily expenses will eat up a good portion of your money. For those who are starting out in their first job, this may not be a good move as it would delay the timeline of building a healthy savings fund. On the flip side, it will cultivate a better saving habit as you learn how to make smarter decisions to manage your money, which might work out better in the long term.

Last Words

While it is possible to learn to manage your finances or do your share of chores while staying with your family, moving out will “force” you to be independent. At the end of the day, we all have different family situation at home, and if you feel that you are able to benefit more from staying at home rather than moving out, it could also be a sound choice.

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