The Answer To Storing Your Laptops When Not In Use Are Vertical Laptop Stands

With working from home becoming the new norm, working adults are now faced with a new issue – desk space. With multiple work devices, along with personal workstations, it would make your desk seems messy and cluttered. If you are looking high and low to keep your laptops away and make space whenever you switch from work mode to home mode and vice versa, you should consider getting a vertical laptop stand.

What are vertical laptop stands?

Vertical laptop stands are similar to a magazine stand, where it comes with a slot for you to slide your laptop right in vertically. As your laptop is held up vertically, spaces are free up, and you can keep your laptop in a safe space till you need to use them.

Why should you get vertical laptop stands?

Space Saving

Working from home brings a lot of logistic issues, the main being the lack of space. If you do not have a large work office or workstation, chances are, you need to use all sorts of methods to keep your table clutter-free. Vertical laptop stands are great to keep any electronic devices that you are not using out of sight.

Air circulation

Many of you probably are thinking “Is it bad to store your laptop using vertical laptop stands?”. The answer is no. In fact, vertical laptop stands allow for better air circulation as the laptop air vents are exposed, helping to cool your laptop faster after intensive usage.

Makeshift CPU

If you are using a laptop as your primary device, and mirroring the screen to an external monitor, you would need a method to keep your laptop upright to minimize space used. With a vertical laptop stand, it allows you to convert your laptop into a CPU that can be hidden from view while you primarily do your work via the external monitor.

Best vertical laptop stand in 2022

OMOTON Vertical Laptop Stand Holder


  • 4 different colors to choose from
  • Fits all laptop sizes up to 17.3 inches
  • Adjustable width to accommodate different laptop thickness
  • Made from aluminum alloy that is scratch-resistant
  • Non-slip silicone mat to prevent slippage

What We Love

  • Super study to support the weight of large laptops
  • Easy to adjust the width of vertical laptop stand
  • Scratch-resistant that makes them looks as good as new after a long period of use

What We Dislike

OMOTON is one of the best brands for vertical laptop stands and it is not hard to see why. Weighing in slightly above 0.5kg, OMOTON vertical laptop stand is sturdy and stable and you can use it to support your laptops as long as they range from 11 inches up to 17.4 inches.

You can also easily adjust the width of the vertical laptop stand between 14mm to 69mm with the provided screwdriver such that it can accommodate laptops of different widths. It also helps that this vertical laptop stand from OMOTON is made from anodized aluminum alloy which makes it looks timeless after years of usage.

HumanCentric Wood Vertical Laptop Stand


  • Comes in a beautiful black walnut color
  • Beautiful felt lining interior
  • Adjustable width to accommodate different laptop thickness
  • Non-slip rubber padding at the base to prevent slippage


  • Very beautiful black walnut veneer finishing that matches room decor
  • Comfortable width adjustment between 0.5mm and 1.5mm to accommodate different laptop width
  • Soft felt lining that protects the laptop from bumps due to sudden drop
  • Cursive shape to provide for adequate air circulation


  • Possibility of dents on the vertical laptop stand on delivery

If you are looking for a wooden vertical laptop stand, you will fall in love with this wooden vertical laptop stand from HumanCentric. It comes in a beautiful shade of black walnut veneer that will fit right in if you have a love for natural color schemes.

What you will probably love most about this wooden vertical laptop stand would be the comfortable cursive shape that is designed to give a wide berth to allow for proper air circulation for your laptop to cool down while it is resting.

Macally Vertical Laptop Stand


  • Designed as a sleek steel frame that is made of durable SECC steel
  • Hallow center for air circulation
  • Adjustable width to accommodate different laptop thickness
  • Non-slip rubber padding at the base to prevent slippage


  • Structured as a steel frame that allows for both wire organizing and optimized for air circulation
  • Made of SECC steel that is heavyweight and steady, and does not rust easily
  • Travel-size to bring them around everywhere easily
  • Space gray finishing that blends well especially with Apple products


Macally Vertical Laptop Stand is one of the most well-known brands that look great when paired with Apple products, if you are looking for the best MacBook vertically laptop stand, you can consider this vertically laptop stand from Macally.

Apart from its appealing space gray color that looks extremely great when paired with a MacBook, Macally Vertical Laptop Stand has one of the better air circulation mechanisms with its hollow structure. This is extremely useful for those who have laptops that tend to overheat and need a good resting spot to cool them down.

JARLINK Double Vertical Laptop Stand


  • Three colors to choose from – black, gray, silver
  • Dual slot to store 2 devices at the same time
  • Made from aluminum alloy that is scratch-resistant
  • Adjustable width to accommodate different laptop thickness
  • Non-slip silicone mat at the base to prevent slippage


  • The cheapest vertical laptop stand on the list
  • Most value-for-money as it can store 2 devices simultaneously
  • Designed to hold smaller devices such as tablets and mobile phones as well


JARLINK Double Vertical Laptop Stand is great if you have multiple devices that you want to keep aside. This dual vertical laptop stand comes with two slots, so you can store either two laptops, or one laptop and one tablet at the same time.

The adjustable width of the dual vertical laptop stand comes in at 20mm to 42mm, which makes it easy to keep smaller devices such as iPads and iPhones upright without it falling or looking weird. Even if you are only storing one device, the stand will not topple as it has a heavyweight base.

Twelve South BookArc Vertical Desktop Stand


  • Comes in two colors – silver, space gray
  • Sleek arc design that looks futuristic
  • Designed exclusively with Apple MacBooks in mind
  • Some height built on the base to elevate the laptops


  • Arc design allows for proper air circulation to cool the laptop rapidly
  • Comes with a cable catch to keep cables neat and tidy while holding up the laptop upright
  • Travel-size to bring them around everywhere easily
  • Have a slot to replace the insert to cater to different MacBook model


  • Optimized for Apple MacBooks only

Twelve South BookArc Vertical Desktop Stand is designed exclusively for MacBooks only. So if you are a long-term user of MacBooks, and are not looking for a MacBook vertical laptop stand, you do not want to miss this out. This MacBook vertical laptop stand has a slightly elevated platform to prevent laptops from touching spills if it happens.

They are also extremely lightweight and sleek in design, which makes it easy to carry them around everywhere. It also helps that Twelve South BookArc Vertical Desktop Stand has a cable catch that makes it easy to tidy any loose cables and keep your workstation neat.

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