10 Inflatable Beach Balls To Get Ready For Some Beach Games During Summer Times

Are you ready for some summer fun? Yes, you are! The first and most important event of summer is summer beach parties and parties by the pool where you chill with a glass of cocktail while some shenanigans happen around you. What best to start the party running is some good old fun with beach balls? Inflatable beach balls are a definitely staple in any summer beach party to get them started.

If you are hosting the next summer kids pool party, be sure to get some of those adorable inflatable beach balls that your kids can throw and play around with, without hurting anyone. This summer is gonna be a blast!

Kangaroo 12 Inch Rainbow Beach Balls

Coming in a pack of 12, these inflatable beach balls are brightly decked in rainbow colors that reflect the excitement of summer. When inflated, it measures about 12 inches in diameter and is perfect for both adults and children alike to hold in their hands for some beach ball fun. As they come in a pack of 12, you can easily replace them whenever you lose them or they are too dirty to clean. They are also one of the cheapest inflatable beach balls on this list.

Intex Jumbo Inflatable 42″ Giant Beach Ball

This large inflatable beach ball by Intex is right up your alley if you are looking for a big inflatable beach ball to play. It comes in an adorable polka dots rainbow color design and measures up to 42 inches when fully inflated. Do note that inflating it via a hand pump is highly recommended as it is very big and requires a huge amount of air to fully get the shape up. This giant inflatable beach ball is surprisingly durable despite its size and does not burst that easily when you press it too hard.

5 Inch Inflatable Beach Ball

If you are looking to enjoy summer and some beach fun with your toddler who cannot seem to hold a medium-sized beach ball, you can consider getting these cute small inflatable beach balls that are only 5 inches in diameter to throw and play around. You can also use them to play mini beach dodgeball or even string them around your patio or yard to look festive for the summertime.

Glitter Inflatable Beach Ball

Add in some bling, and you are ready for the most fabulous beach party of your life. This glitter inflatable beach ball has glitter confetti decorating the balls that will shine in the best way when light or sun shines on it. It comes in a set of 3 with 2 different sizes – 16 inches and 24 inches – so you can use them whatsoever you like – the beaches, the jacuzzi, the patio, and so forth.

72 Inch Giant Inflatable Beach Ball

Do you want a giant inflatable beach ball? You got it. This giant inflatable by GoFloats is one of the largest inflatable beach balls to be sold. It is probably taller than some of you and will need some effort to get it up and running. Luckily, it comes with a rapid valve to allow for fast inflation and deflation. They are very durable as they are made of sturdy plastic, and you can knock them around without any worries about them bursting.

3D Animal Inflatable Beach Ball

This is a great gift for your kids to celebrate their well-deserved summer break time. Each inflatable beach ball comes with 3 different inflatable animal balloons – crab, flamingo, and unicorn – such that they look 3D from the outside. Coming in at 13 inches, they are just rightly sized for middle schoolers or children to play with and generally have a fun time.

Inflatable Soccer Beach Ball

Playing beach soccer has never been this easy with this inflatable soccer beach ball. It comes in a set of 12, so you do not need to worry about picking them up constantly when they are kicked too far away. They are also great party decorations if you have a soccer theme party for your kids.

Inflatable Basketball Beach Ball

Similar to the previous inflatable soccer beach ball, this inflatable basketball beach ball is great to play water basketball around the pool. As an added bonus, it comes with a textured grip at the surface so you can easily grip them in the water. The size of the inflatable basketball beach ball is also thoughtfully similar to an actual basketball so you can have a similar feel and grip.

Inflatable Globe Beach Ball

Learn and play by the pool or the beach with this inflatable globe beach ball. It is designed to have the world globe covering the surface of the beach ball and is a great visual learning aid for some outdoor teaching. This inflatable globe beach ball is a generous 16 inches, which makes the printed world map large enough for children to look at.

Light Up Inflatable Beach Ball

Have fun at the beach or at the pool at night with these awesome light up inflatable beach balls. These light up inflatable beach balls are remote-controlled and comes with 19 lighting settings. You can be sure to find a specific light that fits into your party theme. They work both in and out of the water, so you can also use them as party decorations and light substitutes for your parties.

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