Quick Guide to Understanding the Most Popular 14 Interior Design Styles

There are many different interior designs out there, that make it a headache when you want to start decorating your home. Hence, in this guide, we will be covering the 14 most popular interior designs favored by many.

1. Scandinavian

  • Simple and functional, with simple lines
  • All-white palettes with shades of grey
  • Incorporate natural elements like wood, aluminum, steel
  • Throw in some pop of colors using a single piece of art, furniture
  • Spacious, natural lighting, fewer accessories, functional furniture

image credits : Scandinavian Homes [1][2][3][4], myadele [5], Inne [6]

2. Bohemian

  • Carefree lifestyle with few rules
  • Vintage furniture and light fixture, globally inspired textiles and rugs, display of collections, items from travel or flea markets
  • Rich patterns and vibrant colors
  • “Messy” look but not overdone
  • Style that follows your heart

image credits : elle [1], Archi Expo [2], virtualbuilding[3][4], o2-web [5], architectureartdesigns[6]

3. Shabby Chic

  • Vintage-inspired style, more soft and delicate
  • Antique-style finishing
  • Purposefully created signs of wear and tear
  • Color palettes include white, pink, pastel

image credits : idealhome[1], vittzinkochsilver[2], decoholic[3], aromatherapywales[4], livelaughlove[5], decoist[6]

4. Minimalist

  • Black, white color palette, with primary colors used as contrast
  • Simple and streamlined furnishing
  • Not excessive and flamboyant
  • Functional and ultra-clean

image credits : KUOO Architects[1], Tamizo Architects[2], huffpost[3], Filip Sapojnicov[4], Robby Brymer[5], comfydwelling[6]

5. Modern

  • Clean crisp lines
  • Simple color palette
  • Metal glass and steel materials incorporated
  • Sleek, simple, no clutter, little accessories

image credits : rtecasablanca[1][2], housedecorates[3], pmcshop[4], houzz[5], home-designing[6]

6. Mid-century modern

  • Natural and organic shapes
  • Brown and white color palette
  • Versatile furniture pieces
  • Throw in some wood, aluminum or bright colors

image credits : brabbu[1][2], decoist[3], curbed[4], masterbedroomideas[5], wellpics[6]

7. Industrial

  • Unfinished raw elements
  • Exposed steels, bricks, ductwork, wooden elements
  • High ceiling, old timber, metal, and concrete fixtures
  • Neutral colour palette from wood and metal material

image credits : lubbockchurches[1], decoist[2], home-designing[3], home-designing[4], businessup[5], vivo-homeliving[6]

8. Traditional

  • Classic details, sumptuous finishing, abundance of accessories
  • Dark finished wood, rich color palette, variety of textures, fabrics, and curved lines
  • Elaborate furnishing, with fabrics of variety of patterns and designs

image credits : architecturaldigest[1], traditionalhome[2][3][4], bhg[5], creatz[6]

9. Transitional

  • Merge traditional and modern to give sense of balancing
  • Incorporate modern materials such as steel and glass
  • Unite materials with plush furnishing
  • Relatively neutral color palette
  • Calm and relaxing space, stylish and sleek, warm and inviting

image credits : freshome[1][2], hgtv[3], czmcam[4], businessup[5], houzz[6]

10. French Country

  • Warm earthy colors
  • Worn and ornamental wooden furnishings
  • Farmhouses inspirations
  • Soft and warm tone of red, yellow, gold, natural materials like stone and brick
  • Collection of ornate porcelain dishes, heavy linens, bed coverings

image credits : thespruce[1], homedit[2], mileyphotos[3], imged[4], kathykuohome[5], getinterior[6]

11. Hollywood glam

  • Luxurious, over-the-top, dramatic
  • Plush velvet finishing, tufting, antiques
  • Bold color palettes such as purple, red turquoise

image credits : greenvirals[1][2], hgtv[3], imged[4][6], crowellphoto[5]

12. Farmhouse

  • Inspirations from cabin
  • Distressed woods and upholstered linen
  • White and beige colour palette

image credits : southernfarmhouse[1], realtor[2], homedit[3], the36thavenue[4], homebnc[5], bungalowsandhomestays[6]

13. Rustic

  • Natural inspiration, raw and unfinished elements, including wood and stone
  • Neutral tones and washed off colors in furniture and decor
  • Incorporate outdoor accessories with wood

image credits : homebnc[1], elledecor[2], goodpricetoday[3], banarsidesigns[4], thebudgetdecorator[5], architecturaldigest[6]

14. Coastal / Nautical

  • Light, airy color palettes with neutral shades of blue and green as the primary accent color
  • White or beige furnishing
  • Elements of woods with sea-inspired accessories
  • Chic linen of lounge seats and sofas

image credits : occupy-oc[1], freshome[2][5], travisburki[3], ourboathouse[4], placecentre[6]

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