Marble Bathroom Accessories

Folding Laundry Basket with Stylish Marbling Design

Everyone knows a laundry basket is the key to hiding all your strewed clothes and making your room look presentable when there is a surprise visit. Why not make it blend in with this beautiful marble-designed laundry basket? This laundry basket can hold a huge load of clothes and stands upright even if it’s empty.

Ceramic Marble Bathroom Accessories Set

Sense of uniformity is the easiest trick to make your bathroom looks clean and tidy. For those who have ceramic or marble-designed sink countertops for your bathroom, this marble bathroom accessory set will definitely fit into the design.

Stainless Steel Marble Trash Can

This marble trash can is adorably small, so it is great for spaces like a bathroom where there are trashes, but you do not require huge trash can that waste space. Do note that it is not meant for throwing liquid-based rubbish inside, and you may find them flowing out of the trash can.

Marble Print Vanity Tray Set

Coming in a set of 2, these marble print vanity trays are perfect for holding small bottles and sprays that usually look messy when left on the countertop. While it looks like real marble, it is not. This marble tray is made from wood, which means it is water-resistant only. Do be minded not to place them in places where it is always wet.

White Marble Texture Bathroom Mat Set

Keep water out of the bathroom floor and keep your cold feet away from the cold cold tiles when you get up in the middle of the night with this marble texture bathroom mat set. It also absorbs any stray water around to help reduce potential slipping incidents in the bathroom.

White Faux Marble Toilet Brush

Keep your unsightly toilet brush hidden with this white faux marble toilet brush. It comes with a cover to hide the brush away from the eyes, and it blends in with the surrounding if you have a marble or black white themed bathroom. The downside of this toilet brush is that the cover does not come with drainage, which means you have to manually drain out the water once in a while.

Cotton Marble Towel Set

This marble towel set is pretty value-for-money as it comes with 10 pieces. It is also made from high-quality cotton that absorbs water faster, and dries you up quicker, while it feels soft against your skin.

Marble Pattern Shower Curtain

Shower curtains don’t always have to be boring. You can bring in some patterns to an otherwise dry-looking bathroom with this stylish marble pattern shower curtain. They are towards the greyish side which makes it easier for dirt and stains to be overlooked.

White Faux Marble Garbage Can

Hide unsightly rubbish away from your eyes in the bathroom, and keep the smell contained with this step-activated garbage can. You can also keep your pets from ruffling the trash can and avoid spillage with the sturdy cover.

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