10 KonMari Wardrobe Organization Tricks You Need To Learn Now!

Japanese are known for their tidiness and cleanliness. In fact, one individual, Marie Kondo, is highly successful in the area that she came up with her own organization method known as the KonMari method.

In this article, I will be sharing 10 KonMari wardrobe organization tricks that you can use in your bedroom to make cleaning and tidying much easier.

1. To organize bags, keep your smaller bags in larger, softer bags such as canvas bags or luggage bags

bags in bags!

Inspiration from kknews

2. Extending the above point, hang multiple large bags on hangers for storing in your wardrobe

one hanger, multiple bags

Inspiration from kknews

3. Keep small bags and items such as wallets and makeup bags in baskets

looks tidy and easy to find

Inspiration from perpetuallychic

4. Keep long accessories like necklaces and bracelets in sunglasses casing

keeping your necklace tangle free

Inspiration from kknews

5. Keep small accessories like earring and rings in clear toolboxes

view your small accessories easily

Inspiration from containerstore

6. Use identical clothes hanger to hang your clothes

looks neat and uniformed

Inspiration from organizewithamanda

7. Label your bin and drawers to easily identify the items inside without needing to open to check

labels makes organizing easier

Inspiration from iheartorganizing

8. DIY a tie organiser with a shoe box and drawer divider

view your ties easily

Inspiration from storeasy

9. Hang your clothes from the shortest to the longest to identify free spaces at the bottom of the wardrobe

maximising space below hanging clothes

Inspiration from storeasy

10. Roll and store your jeans and other bulky clothing in a wardrobe hanging shelf

save time hanging and folding

Inspiration from storeasy

I have benefitted greatly from these neat tricks, and now, i can easily find my stuff after trying them out in my bedroom. Hope you also find them useful. Have fun organizing your wardrobe. Till then~

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