Colour Themed Room : Blush Pink Bedroom

If you have been wishing to redecorate your room to the blush pink color, but worry that it may be too overwhelming or tacky, don’t. Here, you can find 12 of the best artfully designed blush pink bedrooms that you wish you had seen earlier.

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Tips to creating the perfect blush pink bedroom

Blush pink bedrooms are hard to design. Done wrong, it comes out as a blown out pink disaster that hurts your eyes. Done right, it gives off a very soft and relaxed vibe that makes you want to stay in the room all day.

To create the perfect blush pink bedroom, here are some tips to look out for:

  • Have a focal point such as the bed, or one side of the wall in the room pink while keeping the rest of the color palette neutral. This will makes it the center of attention while the entire room being too overwhelming.
  • Layer and texture up. Throw in multiple different tones of pink such that it does not seems boring and monotonous. It would be best if you combine multiple textures of pink so the room does not seems flat.
  • Go for neutral colors if you want to go full pink. To avoid a pink monstrosity in your bedroom, always paired up with white, gray, or black tones if you want to go heavy on pink.
  • Never go wrong with greeneries. When in doubt on how to balance the pink tones, always grab some room plants. A touch of nature will rest your eyes, and no doubt, give you a sense of comfort.

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