Kitchen Hacks that Makes Your Cooking Easier

Peel garlic quickly  – microwave edition

Garlic skin can get clingy and hard to peel. To do so quickly, you can microwave the garlic for 10 seconds before peeling.

Peel garlic quickly – box edition

Another famous way to peel garlic quickly is to put it in a container and vigorously shake it for the skin to drop off.

Remove oil off soup

Boiling bones in soup stock over a long period of time will release all the delicious flavour, but will generate a lot of oil. To remove them, place a couple of ice in your ladle and skim over the top of the soup stock.

Get more juice out of lemon

Squeezing lemon is messy and all the effort always get you so little lemon juice. To get more lemon juice per squeeze, microwave the lemon for 20-30 seconds.

Prevent pot from boiling over

Place a wooden spoon over a pot when put it to boil to prevent it from boiling over when you are not watching the fire.

Get rid of odour from cutting board

Prolonged usage of cutting board may lead to residues settling into the board and emitting a strange odour. To remove the smell, mix vinegar with water in a 2:8 ratio, wet kitchen towels with the mixture and set on top of the cutting board. Leave for 15 minutes and the odour should disappear.

Fishy or strong smell on cooking knifes

Cutting items of strong smell can leave a bad stench on the cooking knifes. To get rid of the smell, use a slice of ginger and rub over the knife blade. 

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