The Ultimate Storage Item You Need for Less Than 9 Bucks

This 9 bucks storage item is gonna save your ass from all the clutter. Its more commonly known as over-the-door hanging shoe organiser, but we at ShareHook call it the pockets of chic. Over-the-door hanging shoe organiser comes with loads of big transparent pockets to allow us to easily organise items. It can be use literally in all places around the house.

Cleaning Closet

No more messy under sinks!

Storing your cleaning supplies without creating a mess under the sink

inspiration from diyhsh

Bedroom / Wardrobe

Great for storing leggings and such!

Keeping your small clothing items such as legging and lingerie

inspiration from BHG

Bathroom / Washroom

No more cluttered styling tools!

Easily find your hot styling tools and makeup in the bathroom as you prepare for work in the morning

inspirations from

Kitchen / Pantry

No more rummaging through your pantry while your dish is cooking!

Keep your kitchen utensils and spices within reach to free up space on your counter top

inspirations from houzz

Kids Room

Keeping your kids toys organized starts today!

Pens and crayons are small and easily lost. Keep them together in the pockets of the hanging shoe rack.

inspirations from amazon 

Over-the door shoe storage organiser allows for easy access to the item we need with just a quick glance. Do share with us in comments if you use these pockets of chic around your house!

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