3 Hidden Uses of Lip Balm Around the House

Lip balms are real life savers when it comes to harsh weathers such as winter and summer. But did you know that they also have different uses around the house?

Loosen tight windows

Lip balm are good lubricants. During temperature change, you might have difficulty opening stuck windows. Simply apply lip balm around the window edge to loosen the windows.

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Make worn out shoes shine

Make your worn out shoes look glossy and new by applying a layer of lip balm on the shoes and buffing it.

inspiration from boredomtherapy

Prevent shoelaces from loosening

After tying your shoelaces, double knot them, and apply some lip balm to prevent them from loosening so easily. The lip balm will reduce the friction of the shoelaces and cause them to rub against each other, increasing the tightness of the knots.

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