12 Classy Whiskey Accessories To Add To Your Collection

A whiskey lover is one that appreciates the finer things in life and sees the beauty in all things. If you know a whiskey lover, chances are, they will cherish any whiskey accessories that will bring out the finer and exquisite taste of whiskey.

Below you can find 12 classy whiskey accessories that any whiskey lover will admire and appreciate, and are great to add to their endless inventory of unique whiskey accessory collections.

Whiskey Decanter Globe Set

This whiskey decanter globe set comes with a detailed modeled antique ship set in the decanter and whiskey stones. They definitely go into their collection of any whiskey lovers. It is classy. It is detailed. It oozes charm. Apart from looking classy, it is also a perfect decanter that aerates alcohol.

Whiskey Glasses

Clothes make the man, and so does glass make the whiskey. This whiskey glass set comes with three pair of unique glass design that looks elegant. They are pretty heavy on the hand and are perfect for people who love to drink their whiskey neat.

Bullet-Shaped Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones are used to cool the drink without diluting it as ice does. If you are feeling especially rebellious, these bullet-shaped whiskey stones are great to use in your drink. They look dangerous in the drink and are great to keep your whiskey cold for long period.

Whiskey Glass Tray And Cigar Holder

This whiskey glass tray set comes with two slots, one to hold a whiskey glass, and one to hold cigar ashes. They are perfect as gifts for people who enjoy both and are great to use as decor. The ashtray is also detachable, which means cleaning a simple task.

Whiskey Smoking Kit

If you have not tried smoked whiskey, it’s high time you should. Smoking whiskey adds depth to the flavor and despite what it sounds like, they are surprisingly simple to do so at home with a whiskey smoking kit. It even comes with wood chips so you do not have to get it separately.

Whiskey Wedge

If you like ice in your whiskey, but do not like how it watered down your whiskey after leaving it for a couple of minutes, this whiskey wedge is a perfect solution to it. You can freeze water with the wedge silicone inserted, and you will get a perfect ice wedge that is great to cool whiskey and melt at a slower pace.

Cigar Whiskey Glass

For people who prefer simplicity, this cigar whiskey glass is perfect. It comes with a cigar rest to hold your cigar and the glass is thick-walled to reduce condensation on the surface. They make perfect gifts for people who enjoy cigars and whiskey.

Whiskey Tasting Set

Whiskey is meant to be savored and what best to do it with a specialized whiskey tasting set. This whiskey-tasting set comes with a cordial glass that tapers at the top and a cooling base. This design is meant to increase the concentration of the flavor and bring up the aroma of the whiskey.

Pistol Gun Decanter Set

This pistol gun decanter set is one of the most beautiful whiskey decanter sets I’ve seen. It looks antique and amazing as a centerpiece in any room on its own, and you can also use it to decant the whiskey. It also comes with them appropriate whiskey glass shaped in a bullet that looks equally stunning.

Whiskey Barrel

If you wish to age your whiskey at home, this whiskey barrel is a great tool to store the whiskey. This barrel is made of white oat wood that will give a natural woodsy flavor and aroma to the whiskey as it sits and ages. It also comes with free engraving that you can give a personalized touch.

Whiskey Making Kit

If you want to try your hands in making your own whiskey, you can get a whiskey-making kit and do it at the comfort of your home. This whiskey-making kit comes with all the tools you need like a fermenter, filtration system, and all related accessories so you do not need to get anything else.

Whiskey Glass Set

Any whiskey lover would love to receive an elegant set of whiskey glasses that are beautiful to display, and practical to use. This whiskey glass set comes with whiskey glasses, whiskey stones, ice tongs, table coasters, a storage bag, and a very beautiful wooden box to store all the accessories.

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