20+ Super Cool Drinking Accessories That You Need To Get Right Now

Drinking is always fun. Be it the conversations, the people, or the alcohol accessories that you somehow didn’t know exists. There are tons of drinking accessories that you have never seen before and all these are curated in a list below for you.

These drinking accessories are super cool to use during a party, for your own amusement, or as a gag gift to your loved ones.

Whiskey Gun Decanter and Glass Set

This whiskey decanter set is shaped like a gun and comes with a decanter, two glasses with bullets infused on the side, a beautiful mahogany tray, and 6 whiskey chilling stones. Looks beautiful on its own, and with whiskey poured in.

Viking Drinking Horn

Fancy drinking from an ox horn? This drinking horn is crafted from real ox horns that are ethically sourced and handcrafted to what you see now. Now you can pour yourself a drink, keep calm, and drink like a viking.

Beer Hat

A hands-free way to drink your beer while cheering for your favorite sports team is definitely to get a beer hat. This beer hat can store 2 cans, and you can sip from them via the attached straw that comes with valves to control the flow of the drink.

Shot Dispenser

For you lazy people, shot dispenser exists. This shot dispenser comes with six glasses, which means you can fill up 6 shot glasses within seconds without much effort. If you are expecting lesser guests, they also come with silicone seals to block the flow.

Pressurized Mini Keg Growler

What’s better than downing a pint of cold beer after hours of dancing or a long hike? Nothing. If you are the designated beverage provider, ensuring that your homebrew, draft, and beer carbonated during a party or traveling do not get flat would be your responsibility. This amazing pressurized mini keg allows you to attach a CO2 gas cartridge to maintain carbonation in your drinks.

Basketball Bottle Opener

Opening beer bottles do not have to be boring. This super interesting bottle opener comes with a little net that catches all the bottle caps as you open your beer bottle. So aim properly before you start popping the bottles.

Electric Wine Opener Set

Wine opening can be an intimidating task, especially with the danger of spilled wine, or cork-contaminated alcohol looming over your head. This electric wine opener set takes the task out of your hand. It comes with a foil cutter, electric wine opener, wine aerator, and vacuum stopper, which is essentially the entire package for wine opening and storing.

Hidden Alcohol Flask

Think it is just an ordinary sunscreen lotion bottle? Think again. If you need to sneak booze, why not store them in bottles that people will never expect. You can bring them anywhere and they come with amazing leak-proof safety seals to prevent leakage.

Manneken Pis Alcohol Dispenser

Okay, this is hilarious. This drink dispenser is modeled after the famous Manneken Pis sculpture fountain and dispenses drinks from you know where. If you are holding beer or whiskey in the dispenser, well, you know how it looks like.

10 Pieces Bartender Kit

Fancy being a bartender for a day? This awesome bartender kit comes with every tool you need to start mixing your drinks and cocktails for your guests and families. They are made of stainless steel and make you look professional just by holding them.

Portable Breathalyzer

Make safe decisions after drinking. This breathalyzer is the size of a keychain and is very portable, which means that you can bring them out wherever you go. Now, after every drinking session, you can test your alcohol level before you make rash or stupid decisions.

Beer Bottles Chiller Sticks

Hate warm beer? Me too. If you are heading to the beach or the lake, chances are, you are bringing over a bottle or two. With these beer bottle chiller sticks, your beer can be kept cold for hours as you enjoy your day.

3D Skull Ice Mold Tray

Create badass ice cubes with these super cool 3D skull ice mold trays. The skull cubes look super chilly when they are floating in your drinks, and it helps that they melt very slowly due to the sheer size of the cubes. Great with whiskey or even for Halloween parties.

Hide A Beer Silicone Sleeve

If you need to hide your beer from prying eyes, this fake soft drink silicone sleeve will do the trick. Simply slide it over any beer can, and you will easily transform them into an ordinary soft drink can. Just keep it out of your kids’ sight, lest they assume it’s their drinks.

Whiskey And Cider Glass

If you are a whiskey and cigar lover, you will definitely love this whiskey glass. This whiskey glass exudes old charm and class with its quality made and comes with an indent that holds your cigar by the side.

Shower Drink Holder

Sipping a nice glass of wine while taking a bath at the end of a long day sounds like a dream. This drink holder sticks to your shower wall and you can use it to hold cups, beer cans, and stemware wine glasses based on your preference.

4 Tier Glass Rimmer

If you have always wondered how to best get your salt or sugar on the rim of your cocktail drinks, the answer is glass rimmers. This glass rimmer comes with four tiers that you can use to store different types of food. You can then roll the rim of your glass on the tray to get the effect you want.

Electric Gun Wine Opener

What is a fun and easy way to open your wine bottle? This wine opener is electrically charged and is combined with a gun design. All you need to do is keep pulling the trigger till the cork is removed from the bottle. It is very simple and user-friendly for those who are not great with opening wine.

Electric Wine Aerator

If you are too lazy to aerate the wine yourself, now there’s an electric version of it. Best of all, it can also deliver the wine straight to your glass with just a press of a button. For the lazy bums like us, this means wine without waiting, what’s not to love?

Wine Thermometer

While most of us casual wine drinkers probably just chill the wine in the fridge before opening them, the temperature of the wine will actually affect the texture of the wine. If you do not have a wine cellar, a wine thermometer is great to measure the optimal temperature to savor the wine.

Funny Wine Stoppers

If you cannot finish your wine in one sitting, do not reuse the cork that comes with it as it may be brittle. These wine stoppers are perfect to seal the unfinished wine bottle without worrying that there will be leakage. It helps that the sayings are hilarious and bring a smile every time you read them.

Alcohol Gun And Stopper

This alcohol gun serves two purposes. Connect a bottle of alcohol and you can spray alcohol with the nozzle. This makes for a super fun summer toy. At the same time, you can also use it as an alcohol stopper to preserve carbonation.

4 Bottle Liquor Dispenser

This liquor dispenser is the perfect centerpiece for any party you are hosting. It can hold up to 4 bottles of wine and it can dispense easily with just a press of the sprout. It does not require drilling, so you can set up and remove it easily when not in use.

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