15 Best Beer Accessories Every Beer Lover Need

Beer is so underappreciated. They are great for hot days, long and tiring days, outdoor season, parties, and more. They are light on the tastebud, yet give immerse pleasure after a long cold sip. If you are learning to appreciate a beer or is a beer lover, you would love the below beer accessories.

We curated a list of awesome beer accessories that you need to have right now in order to better appreciate your beer. Otherwise, they are also great gifts to anyone you know that are a beer lover.

Beer Aerator

Alright, we all heard of wine aerator, but who knows that there is a thing called beer aerator? This beer aerator is also known as a beer foamer. With a click of a button, it will release bubbles from the bottom of the glass via sound waves that will bring out the flavors of any beer and create creamier foam.

Magnetic Bottle Hanger

This magnetic bottle hanger comes in exceptionally handy when you need to get beer out of your fridge. Normally, most of us would put it wherever there is space. There is a high chance it will be hard to take out in the future. However, with this magnetic bottle hanger, your beer will just be hanging at the top of the fridge shelf, and it will also free up spaces below.

Beer Helmet

Cheering for your favorite sports team, and eating chips and popcorn while holding on to a beer during a match is never easy. This is why beer hats or beer helmets are invented. They hold two cans of beer and come with an attached long straw which you can drink from whenever you need a sip. The helmet is also pretty cool with its badass viking vibe.

Beer Mug

This beer mug is made of oak wood and shaped like barrels that you often see in medieval movies and shows. It comes with a stainless steel cup within the mug that holds 16 ounces and helps keep the drink cold as you chill.

Beer Chiller Stick

This beer chiller stick is an awesome way to keep your beer cold without watering them down with ice. Simply put the chiller stick in the fridge before you need to use it. After which, just press the stick onto a beer bottle, and your beer is good to go for the next few hours.

Beer Serving Tray

This beer serving tray is great to showcase a range of draft beers, ales, and lagers that you have and sample them with your friends and family. Each set comes with 8 glasses, 2 serving boards, and erasable chalkboard labels for future use.

Home Brew Beer Kit

Making beer at home is pretty easy and fun. Probably the most fun segment of the activity is when you can finally drink it. This homebrew beer kit by Brewer’s Best comes with everything you need to try making your own beer at home. At the end of the day, you could make up to 5 gallons of beer, which is very value-for-money.

Hide A Beer Silicone Sleeve

Hide a beer silicone sleeve is probably the boon of any man’s existence. They are used to slot over a typical beer can and camouflage them into a soft drink can. Each set comes with 5 different soft drink designs, and you no longer need to sneakily drink your beer around with these gems.

Portable Carbonated Beer Growler

No one likes flat beer. Keeping beer carbonated and cold is the golden standard. A beer growler comes with a carbonation cap to regulate the pressure within to carbonate the beer and keep them fresh. They are also portable and you can drink them on the go using the dispenser tap.

Automatic Beer Opener

Opening beer bottles can be a chore at times when you are feeling really tired and do not feel like exerting wrist strength to pop open the cap. This automatic beer opener has a spring mechanism to easily open the beer cap with just a press to the bottle.

Portable Beer Dispenser

This portable beer dispenser is great to use if you are heading outdoors or if you are having a party. It has the capability to create think foam to your beer from a beer can, which enhances the taste and makes it silky and smooth to drink. It also comes with a freezer pack to keep your beer cold while it sits.

Beer Holster

This beer holster is two parts beer holder, one part cowboy gear. You would need to fit it over a belt and wear it on either your left hip or right hip. They are made of coated leather, which gives the look its authenticity and allows you to hold one bottle of beer. Now you can wipe out your beer bottle holster like a real cowboy.

3-in-1 Beer Bottle Cooler

This bottle cooler is awesome. You can either use it as a tumbler, a can cooler, or a bottle cooler. To cool your beer bottle or beer can, just place it in the cooler and secure it with the lid. It comes with a double-wall vacuum that helps the beer to be kept cold for up to 12 hours.

Cigar Holder

If you fancy a cigar with your beer, this cigar holder is perfect for you. This cigar holder clips over most beer bottles and beer cans and you can rest your cigar on it as you relax and enjoy your day. It is also easy to secure your cigar on the holder if you need a swig of beer. Do so by pressing the cigar with your index fingers as you drink.

Beer Refrigerator

Having a beer refrigerator is probably the wildest dream of many beer lovers. This beer refrigerator allows you to customize the temperature easily to get the best taste from your beer. It is of a pretty compact size, which makes it ideal to keep in the entertainment room or bedroom for easy access to some cold beer.

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