4 Reasons to Make You Start Stocking up on Cleaning Sponges

Cleaning sponges are a must-have for those big on home cleaning. Apart from the usual function of dish washing, there are many ways to use them. These is especially so for those with many windows in their house. 

1. Window sills cleaner

Window sills are hard to clean if they happen to have many grooves. To clean them quickly, make some cuts on a sponge before using it on the sills. 

2. Buffer to remove nails

When removing nails from hard surface, put a cleaning sponge between the hammer claw and the surface. This will prevent the hammer claw from imprinting a dent on the surface when pulling the nails out.

3. Alternative to soap holder 

Use a cleaning sponge as a soap holder accomplish 2 tasks. One, it is excellent in keeping the soap in place. Two, no dirty mess as the soapy residues will get absorbed by the sponge, which you can use for cleaning. 

4. Blinds cleaner

Cleaning sponges are also amazing for cleaning blinds. Attached 2 cleaning sponges to each side of a tong and you can easily run through the blinds for cleaning.

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