9 Essential Wine Accessories To Build Your Home Wine Bar

As we grow older, the appreciation for a good glass of wine by the fireplace, or a good bottle of wine shared among friends and family grows. As your collection grows, the desire to have a home wine bar will also grow.

Imagine, a beautiful home wine bar, stocked with bottles of good wine and elegant wine accessories to unwrap each beauty. This is definitely a wine lover’s wet dream.

If you are thinking to start your own home wine bar, you can find below a list of essential wine-drinking accessories that you need to get to have a smooth wine-drinking night.


Allowing your wine to breathe is such an important step, yet often missed out by many wine drinkers. Pour your wine into this lovely decanter to allow the full flavor and aroma to release before serving them to your guests.

Wine Glass

Different wine requires the use of different wine glasses. Red wine needs to be served in wide stemware wine glasses to achieve the full drinking experience – taste, visual, and smell. This beautiful and elegant wine glass will help you achieve them if you have good red wine that needs to be tasted.


Don’t you get frustrated when your corkscrew broke whenever you are in the mood to open a bottle to drink or the corkscrew disintegrates the cork, ruining your wine? This corkscrew is very durable and opens up most corks effortlessly and quickly for a smooth wine opening experience.

Wine Cooler

Good wine is meant to be savored and enjoyed among conversations and friends. However, this could mean that the wine would have lost its temperature and its texture as it cools to room temperature. To avoid such issues, store the wine in a wine cooler to maintain its temperature for an extended time.

Wine Stopper

If you find that you are not able to finish the wine in one sitting, don’t reuse the cork or store it as is back in the wine chiller. Always use a wine stopper instead to close it and prevent any spillage.

Wine Cellar

Well, you can’t have a wine bar without a wine cellar. Wine needs to be stored with care with constant optimal temperature to preserve the taste and texture, and to avoid disturbance to the sediments. This wine cellar does just that with storage of up to 10 bottles of wine.

Wine Aerator

If you are opening a younger and bolder wine, you do not need to use a wine decanter to let the wine sit for hours to breathe. Instead, a quick solution can be to use a wine aerator to perform rapid decanting by infusing oxygen into the wine to bring out the flavors.

Wine Bar

You obviously cannot have a wine bar, without a wine bar. Getting a wine bar with a larger workspace helps to hold the many wine accessories that you need, and to decorate them to your design. This wine bar has a wide breadth and ample storage space that can hold many different wine bottles, all types of wine glasses, and other wine accessories you have gotten.

Wine Rack

You definitely need to complete the look of your wine bar with a rustic wine rack. A wine rack is great to both store the wine and glasses, and showcase your lovely collection to your house guests.

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