Life Hacks You Need Right Now To Live Smarter #2

  • When moving house, pack your books in a suitcase instead of boxes as boxes may tear when the load is too heavy
  • When travelling, store your cable in a pencil case or a spectacle case
  • When travelling, hide your emergency money in a used lipstick or within a hairbrush
  • Wrap your bag straps around your leg to prevent theft when taking a rest outside 
  • Keep banana fresh by wrapping the top of each banana in plastic wrap
  • Give your stainless steel a beautiful shine by wiping it with a layer of baby oil
  • Remove gum from your pants by placing an ice cube directly on it
  • Use black tea to clean your windows. The tannic acid works incredibly well in removing the dirt
  • Use a lazy susan to easily find your sauces and condiments in fridge and pantry
  • Keep your lettuce fresh by wrapping a paper towel over it and and placing them in an open food bag
  • Line the base of a paint tray with aluminium foil. After painting, simply remove the foil
  • To hang a photo frame, place a drinker can opener at the back of the frame and screw a screw at the small bottom hole of the opener

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