The Ultimate Office Essentials Guide to Creating A Conducive Work-From-Home Office

Work from home (WFH) is slowly becoming a norm for many of us as offices are closed. The scramble to set up a home office from the get-go has been more about convenience rather than comfort. However, as months passed, and working from home has transformed into something to be accepted as a norm, the intention of a work-from-home office transit from usability to comfortability.

Below is a list of office essentials that you definitely need to get in order to create a conducive office that you can spend hours in, and not get burnt out or drained at the end of the day.

Laptop Stand

If you find yourself always hunching over your laptop like a shrimp, chances are, your laptop is sitting too low from your eye level. Get a laptop stand to elevate the laptop and bring it up to eye level, and you will see that your posture will improve in no time.

Check out our curated list of laptop stands here!

Ergonomic Foot Rest

Sitting in one place for a long period without moving will result in aches everywhere. Unfortunately, such is life when work is hectic. You can ease your leg muscles by having a memory foam footrest by your feet that will help promote blood circulation and support your feet.

Wireless Earbud

Having a comfortable earbud goes a long way, especially if your work demands a lot of calls and meetings. Wireless earbuds are great as your movement is not restricted by the length of the cable. Get earbuds that are small and light so that it does not put pressure on your ears.

Handphone and Tablet Stand

Many of us are probably on multiple devices while working and we need to consistently monitor multiple screens to look out for any notifications. A handphone and tablet stand is great to support your devices and you can use them with ease without constantly holding them with your wrist or looking down to view the screen.

Chair Cushion

Many of us do not have an office chair and do not wish to invest in a good one as they are pricey and take up a lot of space. Using a dining chair or a basic chair does not provide much support and you might find yourself aching all over within hours of working on the chair. You can choose to upgrade your chair by installing a chair cushion to provide lumbar support without breaking the bank.

Keyboard and Mouse Wrist Rest

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is real if you are using the mouse and keyboard constantly. If you can feel that your wrist feels sore at the end of a long day, get a keyboard and mouse wrist rest to get your wrist into a more comfortable position to reduce the pressure on the wrist as you work.


Since many of the meetings are held virtually, a webcam became an essential part of our home office. Choose one that comes with good camera quality and a built-in mic, so you can show up to virtual meetings in your best pixels.

Coffee Machine

A home office is incomplete without a coffee machine if you are like me, who turns into a zombie when the food coma kicks in. A coffee machine is also great if you do not like the artificial taste of instant coffee and prefer your coffee brewed from the coffee ground.

Standing Desk

Standing desks gained much popularity recently after many studies have shown that they are many health benefits to working while standing. Otherwise, if you are prone to being fidgety after sitting for long hours, a standing desk will do you good as you can exercise and stretch while using a standing desk.

Temperature Controlled Mug

Do you ever get so frustrated when your good cup of coffee or tea turns cold after an unexpectedly long phone call or a meeting that was dragged way past its finishing time? A temperature-controlled mug will help with your issue by keeping your drink at your desired temperature while your colleagues and bosses talk at you.

Scented Candles

Scented candles are known to provide many mental and health benefits and improve your mood. Did you also know that scented candles can also help to improve work productivity and relieve any work tension that will help you wind down after a long day? Well, now you know, go get yours now!

Stress Ball

Working from home is actually more stressful and tiring than most people would think. To avoid a mental breakdown, we will prescribe a stress ball for you to squeeze and abuse to your heart’s content as you struggle to maintain a calm and peaceful appearance to your colleagues and bosses.


If you are just setting up your home workstation, you will realize that there are a lot of computer accessories, and not enough USB ports to fit all of them. Fret not, a USB hub will do the trick by splitting 1 USB port on your computer into multiple ones so you can connect all your accessories neatly.

Table Lamp

Are you working throughout the evening or night to rush that project for your company? Get a table lamp to protect your eyes when you are pulling an all-nighter. Avoid blurred vision and tired eyes due to poor lighting conditions in your house. Eye care goes a long way.


Many of us are used to printing out documents and contracts (and sometimes personal documents) using the company’s massive printer. However, working from home means that these are no longer a perk. Regardless, printers are not that expensive compared to the olden days, and you can get one to save the trouble of going to the office especially to print documents.


Calendar has never been more relevant than current. Working from home will desensitize your concept of time and trap you in an endless loop of rinse and repetitive cycle. A calendar is great to keep you aware of time and days as they pass by, so you won’t get a shock when it’s suddenly December.

WiFi Extender

Are you constantly frustrated by the poor or lagged Internet connectivity for your workstation? If so, you may be physically too far from your router. If you are too lazy to move your beautiful home office set-up, you can get a WiFi extender to expand the WiFi coverage and improve your WiFi signal at your home office.

Cable Organizer

I’m always irritated when my work area is messy, especially so when multiple cables are tangling and curling and generally being annoying bitches. To get it out of sight, out of mind, cable organizers are great to hide the mess and keep the work area neat and tidy.

Air Purifier

Keeping an optimal environment includes the air that you breathe. Sitting in the same space over prolonged hours can make it suffocating and stuffy. An air purifier does a great job to keep the air constantly fresh and helps to clean the air of particles such as dust and smoke.

Desk Organizer

Organizing is a bitch when you realize many of your work documents got mixed into your personal papers. To avoid such issues, a desk organizer is great to keep your papers (and your life) separated and easily accessing them when you need them.

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